Geo-Log Slickline Head

Geo-Log Slickline Head

   The Geo-Log Slickline Measure Head is a state of the art device designed for measuring slickline wire in ranges of .092” to .187”. The device opens, or separates by releasing 4 positive locking tabs to allow for quick loading of the line, therefore making it possible to change line sizes in a matter of minutes. The three wheels are each dedicated to the individual functions of mechanical depth, tension via electronic load pin, and electronic depth. The electronics are basically the same as or MD 20-20 system, which allows for adjustable depth calibration and custom alarms to support ultra-safe and highly accurate operations. This head will also accommodate those looking for strictly a mechanical slickline head. By simply removing the center section, this unit can be ran without a load pin and still give you the same 4 output options to use as you like, (i.e. 2 encoder and 2 mechanical). The materials are similar to our other environmentally durable equipment. Dependable performance, the most durable materials, and the best service are our business plan for a viable future for our customers and ourselves. All Geo-Log products are designed and built with the concept in mind that field repairs should be made possible by people of average mechanical ability.

Slickine Measure Head Data: 

Assembly Number: 900400-100

Length: 18.0 inches

Weight: Approximately 26 Lbs.

Height: 9.00 inches 

Width: 6 inches 

Line sizes: 092" to .187"

Cable output: Up to 4, Encoder or Mechanical

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