Geo-Log MD-2020

Geo-Log MD-2020

    In recent years there have been more frequent requests for a boom mounted,  dual encoder measure head with electronically adjustable depth, that could be  easily adjusted in the field for split drum wireline service units.  THE MD 20-20 is Geo-Log’s solution, and most current offering. It is available  in 7/32 inch to 5/16 inch for cased hole, and 3/8 inch to 15/32 inch for open  hole. It may be ordered with a magnetic line mark detector.  The Geo-Log MD 20-20 is a great addition to our arsenal of proven under fire  wireline technology. It is the most rugged measure head in its class. Compact  in size and solidly constructed, it has that something that everyone is looking  for “Accurate Depth”. And it is priced (as are most of our products)  to beat the competition.  With its easy to open design, it is perfect for most applications including  double drum trucks, split drum trucks and skids. You can literally change line  sizes in a couple of minutes without having to re-head your wireline cable or disassemble the measuring system. The MD 20-20 incorporates a very low  line deflection of only 6 degrees, which will minimize the stress and wear on  the cable. 

MD-2020 Measure Head Data: 

Assembly Number: 900200-100

Angle of deflection: 6 degrees 

Weight without load cell: 36 lbs 

Height without load cell: 17 inches 

Width: 20 inches 

Depth: Single encoder assy: 8 inches; Dual encoder assy: 9.75 inches 

Measure Wheel (Dia.): 8"

Line sizes available: 7/32 inch to 5/16 inch for cased hole, and 3/8 inch to 15/32 inch for open hole.

Guide sheave (Dia.): 3.937"

Cable output: Encoder

Optional equipment: Standard encoder provided: 1  Optional second encoder available Hanger included in base price Magnet mark detector optional

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