Geo-Log 3' Measure Head

The Geo-Log Three Foot Measure Head 

    The Geo-Log Three Foot Measure Head is a refinement (available in various  models) of the measure head designed by Marion Hawthorne in the late  1950's.  Each revolution of the Three Foot Measure Wheel measures three feet of  cable. The cable takes a 22 degree deflection path to provide a measurable  force to the load cell unit, which gives line stress or weight data to the  operator.  It remains the most popular type of measure head in North America, and is  ideal for cased hole logging and perforating. This is largely due to the fact that  in spite of its strength and ruggedness it is the most economical measure  head for cased hole service. Geo–Log offers three different options for weight indication on the three foot  head. The first being hydraulic only with no digital display. The second option  is a hydraulic gauge and pressure transducer to measure weight indication  with an electronic display. The third option is an electronic load pin which  completely replaces the need for hydraulics and is displayed through the 4G  Wireline Panel.  The 4G Wireline Panel is a state of the art solution for real time depth, line  speed, and weight. It was originally developed as a companion for the Geo- Log MD 20-20 Measure Head, but is an excellent product to interface with the  Geo-Log Three Foot Measure Head. One advantage of the 4G Wireline Panel  mated with the Three Foot Measure Head is that it makes wheel diameter  maintenance less critical because the effective size can be adjusted  in the panel.  The Geo-Log Three Foot Measure Head is field adjustable for line wear. Each  line size needs a properly sized rim (the outer ring of the measure wheel)  i.e. 5/16 for 5/16 cable or .288 for .288 cable, but the adjustable rim makes it  possible to keep exactly on depth as line and rim wear over the years.  Geo-Log keeps a full inventory of rim sizes on the shelf, as well as most other  parts. This is especially true of items that wear such as encoder drive gears,  and pressure rollers.  There are options to choose from when it comes to cable drives and encoder  arrangements. Some customers want the ability to run dual encoders, and we  can help you get the perfect arrangement for your application.

Three Foot Measure Head Data: 

Assembly Number: 900700-000

Angle of deflection: 22 degrees 

Weight without load cell: 80 lbs 

Height without load cell: 22.5 inches 

Width: 24 inches 

Depth with cover: 9 inches 

Measure Wheel (Dia.): 12 inches 

Line sizes available: 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32 (.288), 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 15/32

Guide sheave (Dia.): 7.25 inches 

Cable output: 1 

Main drive gear: 48 teeth 

Cable drive gear: 16 teeth 

Optional equipment: Hydraulic Load Cell Unit, Load Cell Mount Kit, Encoder, Encoder Mount Block, Right Angle Drive Unit, Electronic Load Pin Assembly.

Optional mountings: Parallel Arms for standard bottom mounting are available. Sometimes called an SIE style. It mounts usually on the front of the cable spool/hoist frame. When ordering specify “Arm length” Overhead boom type mounting is available via a Geo-Log Overhead Hanger

Cable Adapter Assy.

Center Section Assy.

Frame Assy.

Hub/Shaft Assy.

Load Cell Mount Kit

Measure Head Assy.

Mounting Block Assy., Load Pin

O/H Mounting Block Assy., Load Pin

Pivot Assy.

Pressure Roller Assy. 

Rim & Hub Assy.