Geo-Log 2' Measure Head

The Geo-Log Two Foot Foot Measure Head

    The Geo-Log Two Foot Measure Head is ideal for wireline units using cable sizes of 3/16, 7/32, and 1/4 inch diameter cable. A single mechanical drive is available as standard. Encoder(s) drives are available as an option. A judicious use of materials and over half a century of experience and field testing is reflected in the design of this product. Aluminum side plates, stainless steel fasteners, and high-tech coatings to reduce corrosion are a few of the important features that make the Geo-Log Two Foot measure head a wise and relatively low-cost investment. Weight Indication is traditionally hydraulic. Mounting is traditionally at the base, but can be hung from a boom. Our product and special projects engineers can assist you with this decision if you need more information. 

Two foot Measure Head Data: 

Assembly Number: 900601-000 

Angle of deflection: 21 degrees 

Weight without load cell: 36 lbs 

Height without load cell: 15 inches 

Width: 18.375 inches 

Depth with cover: 5.75 inches 

Measure Wheel (Dia.): 8.25 inches 

Line sizes available: 3/16, 7/32, 1/4 

Guide sheave (Dia.): 5.75 inches 

Cable output: 1 

Main drive gear: 32 teeth 

Cable drive gear: 16 teeth 

Optional equipment: Hydraulic load cell unit, Right angle drive unit, Encoder and Encoder Mount Block