Depth Display (2U Rack Mount)


  • Standard 2U rack mountable.
  • Dual Depth Display (Depth & Depth+Offset).
  • Field depth calibration (Per 1000 units).*
  • 3 Operator configurable (Audio/Visual) alarms for depth, tension, tension spike, & speed.**
  • 120VAC or 12VDC (Truck Battery) operation with automatic seamless switching (The system will operate off 120VAC when present and will automatically switch to 12VDC operation when 120VAC is not present).
  • Depth voice prompt.
  • Digital Depth readout (Feet/Meters).
  • Digital Speed readout (Feet/Meters, Min.).
  • Signature direction arrow.
  • Digital Tension readout with configurable Tension/spike gauge (differential & absolute Tension, Lbs./Kgs.).
  • Operator configurable English/Metric Depth, Tension & Speed units (In any combination).
  • Intuitive, and elegant operator interface via 10" LED touchscreen (Wide viewing angle).
  • Output for logging system (Depth/Tension) (Warrior® System Compatible). Including Tension Output for easy Warrior® System Tension calibration.
  • All necessary cables and connectors are included with system!

  • (Optional) Network Communication and Control Package: 
    • Pre-configured wireless router.
    • Windows Remote Master for view/control.
    • Windows Remote Slave for view only,
    •  iPad/iPhone view only apps (1 year lic.).
  • *(Optional) Advanced Calibration Package:
    • Easy wheel calibration, simply enter the correct depth reading and the system does the rest.
    • Canned or operator defined profiles for Line Stretch, Tension Coefficient, & Wheel Diameter Coefficient for 3/16, 7/32, 9/32, 5/16, 3/8, & Custom 1 (for any line size) line sizes.
  • **(Optional) Relays Package (2 normally open/normally closed relays). 
Note: Relay triggering is tied to alarms (operator configurable).